Saturday 8th October - Hypermobility - Keeping it in the box!

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Saturday 8th October - Hypermobility - Keeping it in the box!


Hypermobility - keeping it in the box!

How can the Pilates teacher adapt to help this client?


Presented by:

Mary Thornton BSc Hons MCSP HCPC PT PMA 


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Course outline

• Understand the pathology of hypermobility syndrome & Ehlers Danlos syndrome (EDS)
• Explore the different spectrums of this condition
• Understand the type of muscular skeletal problems that appear with this type of client
• What is the Pilates teachers role
• Gait re education
• Upper quadrant stabilization

Teaching tools:
• Power point - images & text
• Practical work - individual & partner assisted
• Matwork based using Pilates small equipment - Over ball & yoga block demonstrations

• Review the pathology of Hypermobility & EDS
• Muscular skeletal symptoms
• How to treat
• Gait re-education
• Upper quadrant re-education

This course is open to Allied Health Professionals and Pilates Instructors, with appropriate Professional Liability Insurance for group work. Please inform the  Presenter if you are Pregnant or unable to participate in any practical work.