Pelvic Floor Vaginal Assessment by a Physiotherapist

Information and Consent Form


This information should be read prior to consenting to a vaginal examination

Why may a Physiotherapist need to perform a vaginal examination?

To assess the tone (tightness) of the internal pelvic floor muscles.

To assess the strength and endurance of these muscles when you are performing pelvic floor exercises (lifts) and give guidance on the best way for you to do these exercises.

A vaginal assessment of the Pelvic Floor is part of the assessment.

You may bring a chaperone, if you wish.

What happens during a vaginal assessment of the Pelvic Floor?

You will be requested to remove your pants and lie on a bed, on your back, with your knees bent. As part of this examination, the physiotherapist will insert a gloved, lubricated finger into your vagina, feeling the pelvic floor muscles to the left and right. You will then be required to hold a contraction whilst you cough. In order to assess your muscle function further, you will be asked to hold a series of timed and counted contractions.

You may also be asked to ‘bear down’ to assess prolapse.

If the Physiotherapist finds an increase in tightness or a trigger point in one of the muscles of your pelvic floor, she may, with your permission, work on this with manual release therapy, using the inserted finger.

The internal assessment usually takes about 5 minutes but may be shorter or longer.

Can I say No?

Absolutely. You are in full control, and may decline a vaginal assessment, or stop the assessment at any time. Your Physiotherapist will respect your wishes at all times.

Informed Consent:

I have answered the questions to the best of my belief and will update the Physiotherapist of any changes in my health or if I become pregnant.

I understand that my failure to do so, may post a threat to my health and or physical well being and I hold Sussex Physio Pilates and my Physiotherapist, from any liability whatsoever, arising from failure on my part.

By my electronic submission below, I agree to this consent form. 

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