1:1 Clinical Pilates (or Physio Pilates)...


1:1 Clinical Pilates starts with a full Physiotherapist assessment. This includes a full history, then looking at your posture/ joints/dysfunctions to find out what you and your body needs so we can work on exercises that are tailored to your needs.

In particular we are looking at:

  • Overall Posture
  • Joint movement ranges and Restrictions
  • ‘Core’ Strength
  • Strength and Flexibility of muscle groups
  • Patterns of Movement/ How you use your muscles
  • Muscle Imbalances (Over use of some muscle and under use of others)

Sometimes other Physiotherapy techniques are used in a Clinical Pilates 1:1 appointment, such as joint mobilisations
You will also be given a little ‘Pilates homework’, as our aims are to get you progressing and feeling better!  

It’s a team work approach that empowers you to take charge of your body.