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Worthing, West Sussex.
BN14 7LH

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Testimonials and Reviews

Testimonials and Reviews

Testimonials and Reviews

Testimonials and Reviews

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Friendly, thorough and very professional. My sports massage was carried out after a detailed consultation and was targeted at specific areas that required attention. Everything was explained and ongoing treatments were recommended. I felt that I had received a great treatment and really good advice. I would definitely recommend Sussex Physio Pilates.
— CAROL - Dec 2018
I’m so glad that I found Sussex Physio Pilates! All the staff are great and do their very best to help. I have experienced many different Pilates teachers before and can honestly say that, Nicky (and occasionally, Julie) both trained Physiotherapists, know exactly how to protect backs and necks. The classes are fun, suitable for all levels, and I look forward to them every week. Because the classes are so small (maximum 6 people), Nikki is able to give every single person individual attention, suggesting alternative moves, if necessary, and emphasising that we should listen to our bodies.
In addition, during 1:1 Physio sessions, Nicky has been marvellous in treating my long term back problems which resurface from time to time. The excellent, professional and friendly experience at Sussex Physio Pilates begins with the positive, cheerful, ‘can do’ attitude of Stuart, both on the telephone and in person.
Thank you everyone.
— CAROL - Dec 2018
Claire has been there for me (and my back!) through thick and thin. From the day I arrived with restricted mobility and very low morale, she has helped me to build up my strength, flexibility and confidence. Now I can do exercises that I once thought were impossible. The change has been more than physical: she has changed my attitude to the occasional back spasm. I no longer panic or get depressed, and my healing time is a fraction of what it used to be. She has created a ‘virtuous circle’ — the more I do in the session, the more I can do beyond the session, from dog-walking, to hill-walking. As a result, I am fitter than I have been for years.
— ANGIE - Nov 2018
Found the staff here to be excellent. The physio treatments have been very useful and they have late night appointments available, which have been very useful for me. The focus is always on trying to get a resolution for the problem - they’re happy when they don’t need to see you anymore!! :) Would highly recommend.
— CHANI - Nov 2018
Thank you Nikki for all your help in getting me back being more mobile
— PAULINE - Nov 2018
Friendly team with range of treatments and classes. Lovely bright studio and good facilities. One to one treatments also available with knowledgeable practitioners.
— Jac - Nov 2018
I have had 1-1 Pilates here and now I do the weekly session with Claire. I have terrible problems with my back (3 major surgeries in 14 months) but I love these sessions and I am finally starting to appreciate what my body can do not just what it can’t. Would highly recommend especially to anyone who is anxious about getting back to exercise after injury/surgery.
— Mrs CEE - July 2018
Claire is an amazing physio. I cannot rate her highly enough. I have been suffering with chronic hip pain for years and have been seeing Claire and SPP for about 9 months. She has basically fixed me! I have had acupuncture and physio and I am on the waiting list for pilates after hearing so many good things about the class. I recently did her ski fit class and this was also brilliant. Highly recommend her and the practice.
— BRONTIE - Dec 2016
After suffering with a pain in my right arm for several months, which caused sleepless nights, I decided to do something about it and contacted Sussex Physio pilates. I was referred to Heather (who is lovely) who I saw over several evenings at a time a convenient with me, and I’m pleased to say my pain is now very minimal and I’m able to get a good nights sleep, and we’ve worked on a plan going forward to strengthen the arm. The whole team have been helpful, friendly, professional and approachable. The venue is very clean and tidy, & in a great location. I highly recommend their services 10/10
— KAREN - Dec 2016
I have attended several different pilates classes over the years and the Sussex Physio Pilates is by far the best. Instructors such as Julie and Nicky are caring, knowledgeable and thoughtful.
— MELANIE - Dec 2016
Heather has given me a level of fitness and comfort that I have missed for six years since injuring my knee. I feel happy again!
— JO - Dec 2016
Really enjoying Pilates lessons. Nicky the instructor is helpful and motivating.
I particularly like the small classes.
— DIANE - Nov 2016
Nicky is a very professional instructor, who is always kind, helpful and encouraging. At the beginning of each class she checks to make sure we are all Ok with no problems from the previous weeks class. During the session Nicky ensures everyone is carrying out each exercise safely. Each week the exercises are different and never boring. I would happily recommend Nicky and Sussexphysiopilates to anyone. A very enjoyable place to exercise where all the staff are very welcoming.
— VEE - Nov 2016
I feel a lot fitter and more flexible than I did in January when I started at Sussex Pilates. Julie’s attentive and competent instruction has been much appreciated and her coaching approach is excellent. I have very much enjoyed the class and wish Julie all the best in her winter job.
— YVONNE - Nov 2016
Thank you Julie for being such a great coach and for having the patience and skill to put up with all my annoying quirks because of my hypermobility, especially making all the little adjustments required for my condition (I don’t know how you keep a straight face sometimes!). Above all, THANK YOU for getting me to stick with it on the shoulder exercises and succeeding where the NHS physios sadly failed - you have no idea what a luxury it is for one to be able to wash one’s own back again! I wish you all the very best in your Winter job and sincerely hope that we will see you again next year.
— FRAN - Nov 2016
Nicky is a great pilates teacher. With her physio knowledge she is able to accurately describe how to perform the moves correctly whilst ensuring a balanced range of pilates. Nicky constantly reminds us of all elements of the moves emphasizing what each part of our bodies should be doing. She is very focused on us all working at our own pace within the class environment and thus enabling us to progress individually and avoiding injury. Nicky notices if any one is struggling or not quite in the right position and is straight over to them. She always asks how we have been after the last class and every class so far has been different which I really like. I would not hesitate to recommend Nicky and pilates to anyone. Everyone at Sussex Physio Pilates is so welcoming and caring, its a lovely place to go to exercise.
— JANE - Nov 2016
I have started to feel the benefits of Pilates straight away. I have very much enjoyed my sessions with Julie - first with my 1:1, then in a group class - she is very helpful, professional, friendly and calm, always ready to help when you can’t quite ‘get’ an exercise.
— HELENA - Nov 2016
I have been struggling with back, hip, knee and neck problems. I’ve put on weight while taking medication following diagnosis of breast cancer. Nicky has made a big difference to my wellbeing through Pilates. She is knowledgeable and caring and has been encouraging of my efforts in a completely professional manner.
I feel very encouraged by attending classes with Nicky.
— PAULA - Nov 2016
Just to say thank you to Julie for taking care of us all during the past few months. It is obvious that you are very knowledgable in your field and always there to correct someone if they are not doing it quite right.
You made the classes very enjoyable. Good luck in your winter career & maybe see you again next summer.
— CHAS - Nov 2016
Julie’s classes have been great, she has a great eye for spotting these necessary tweaks in posture that help get the most from the exercises. Many thanks.
— NORA - Nov 2016
Julie has been a real breath of fresh air in the time she has been taking our class. Her whole persona is calm and focused on getting us doing things correctly. I think we will miss her but mustn’t take any praise away from Claire she is brill too. The whole team are so friendly and welcoming including Pippa the pup!
— DIANE - Nov 2016
Julie is an excellent coach. Though based in a class, you feel as though you are being given individual attention and genuine care that you are able to do the exercises to your own ability.
A caring and very capable tutor.
Thank you!
— GRAHAM - Nov 2016
I have been suffering with back, hip and neck problems for some time. Claire has made a huge difference to my wellbeing through Physio and Pilates. She is passionate, knowledgeable and caring and she treats you holistically in a totally professional manner. Thank you for all your help Claire.
— JANET - November 2016
I stood ALL DAY today whilst watching the cricket at Arundel Castle with NO lower back pain!!! I haven’t been able to stand for longer than 20 minutes without pain for OVER 20 YEARS!!! You see those healers in American churches and you know it’s all a set up but Claire Yuill could make a LOT of money out there!! ..... although of course.... I need her to stay here
— FRAN - June 2016
Having struggled with pain for over 18 months I could hug Claire for the treatment, help & support she has given me. Claire has even managed to persuade me, a needle phobic person to try acupuncture & what amazing results. I couldn’t recommend Claire & her practice enough. Thank you.
— KATE - 22 June 2016
Very knowledgable and took time to assess the issue, professional service, would recommend.
— AARON - February 2016
Claire was recommended by my health insurers after I had partial knee replacement. She is possibly the best physiotherapist I have ever met , a highly skilled professional with a most pleasant and caring manner. Couldn’t be happier.
— JAMES - December 2015
After a very difficult time with a horrible problem with my back I decided to try Pilates. I found Claire through her excellent web page and have not regretted having 1:1 session with her. Not only is she an excellent teacher grounding her practice in Physiotherapy skills but uses Pilates in such a positive life affirming way. Her sessions have completely transformed my approach to managing my back problem - so that I don’t have one any more! I know what to do to keep fit and well - and enjoy the sense of achievement and relaxation. Thanks Claire you have been brilliant!
— DEE - June 2015
I’ve worked with Claire for over 11 years in London, and can highly recommend her as a physiotherapist.
Her knowledge is excellent, and her approach is professional and caring.
She has referred, and helped rehabilitate many of my patients.
— Professor FARES S. HADDAD - Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon - March 2015
Honestly Claire, i haven’t felt any pains or aches in my shoulders all evening, night or morning. I’ve been doing my exercises (teachers pet!)
It feel so free!
Making a conscious effort to remember to keep the shoulders stretched without pulling back and pinching.
Think this is the start of something brilliant!
— NINA - March 2015
I had done pilates a few years back but really needed a gentle re-introduction to it. This was exactly what I found here, and it was ideal for me to do a couple of courses of ‘Mummy Does Pilates’. I especially loved using the various pieces of matwork equipment, and how each week varied.
— FIONA - February 2015
I was referred to Claire for physiotherapy for treatment of my lower back, shoulder and neck pain. Claire’s treatments were thorough, effective and improved the pain I had dramatically. I attended her Pilates classes also which again I found to be of great help and would highly recommend her as a physiotherapist and as a Pilates teacher.
— MELANIE - January 2015
I met with Claire for physio and attended her Pilates Classes to help with shoulder pain after injury. She was very generous with her time at appointments and treated me with a holistic approach too which I appreciated. She is passionate about her profession which comes across and dedicated to each person and their needs as an individual. Thank you Claire.
— DEBBIE - December 2014
Claire’s classes have really improved my day-to day-living. Having suffered from lower back complaints following the birth of my son in 2012, my abdominal muscles were in dire need of a kick start. Claire’s classes have brought them back to life! I cannot recommend her highly enough. Not only is she professional in her approach, but her friendly and approachable nature makes you keen to come back for more.
— CLARE WILLIAMS - - November 2014
Fantastic class night with us doing a bit of everything. It was a great reminder for me of what we have been working on, and the relaxation at the end set me up for the evening! Thank you Claire, I really appreciate your support and enjoy coming to your Pilates classes every week.
— NESSA - October 2014
Claire has successfully rehabbed me through one knee operation and is currently rehabbing me through my second (other knee). When I knew that I was to have surgery again, I had no hesitation in booking in again with Claire (6 years later). She is without a doubt the best physio I have come across and her knowledge is second to none! She also takes time out to ensure she is up-to-date with the current practices and is always looking to extend her knowledge.
— FLAVIA - March 2014
My First Pilates class at age 63. Left the class feeling great, and very pleased with myself. Would recommend to everyone.
— JOY - March 2014
Pilates is a wonderful form of gentle exercise. Invigorating the body and leaving you feeling relaxed and refreshed.
— CHRISTINE - March 2014
Fabulous that I now see Claire in Worthing, as well as London! Claire is lovely and is just so knowledgeable. I get the benefits of classic physio, often complimented with acupuncture, yoga and pilates moves (homework!), nutrition tips and other pearls of wisdom too!! Claire is extremely competent and professional, and a lovely calm person, and I would highly recommend her for any treatments - with all her years of experience she is bound to be able help. I would say just give her a call and ask lots of questions!
— ANNA - February 2014
Recently went to Sussex Physio Pilates with concerns over one of my knees. I was met in a professional, friendly manner and a thorough assessment was undertaken to ascertain cause of symptoms. Everything was thoroughly explained as we went along, putting me at ease. I now have a manageable exercise programme to follow. Would highly recommended to others, especially those with knee conditions.
— KAREN - December 2013
One knee operation and five physiotherapists later I found Claire. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Her approach aims to resolve any existing problems and find the source of the problem with a view to preventing any further issues. She achieves this in a flexible manner using a variety of techniques; stretching, acupuncture and massage etc. Before seeing Claire I was told by the surgeon that I would never do any sport again. This year (2013) I have returned to competition after 3 years of relative inactivity and completed 12 triathlons ranging from sprint to half iron distance. Next year I am already entered for a marathon, half ironman and full ironman events. None of this would be possible without the help of Claire.
— MARK - December 2013
Being a physiotherapist myself, I was keen to find a physiotherapy led Pilates programme and found Claire’s website easy to navigate and informative. Claire was friendly and welcoming and put everyone at ease at the first class. The group size was not too big which allowed Claire to spend time coming round to individuals to ensure the exercises were being completed correctly and was able to progress exercises for individuals who wanted more of a challenge while still keeping the group together. She obviously has a lot of experience in Pilates which was evident in her expanse of exercises and kept things interesting and fun with various pieces of additional equipment. I would recommend Claire’s Pilates programmes to anyone interesting in gaining improved body awareness and strengthening of core muscles.
— KATE - December 2013
Lovely class for those like me who were totally unfit to start with. My shoulder problem is completely gone, back improved and I can feel my tummy muscles again. That’s after just 6 weeks! Imagine what I’ll be like after another course...
— KATHERINE - December 2013
Claire’s classes are wonderful, she’s a great teacher and I find it quite therapeutic. The Pilates has really helped strengthen me up and I feel much more confident in my body. I would recommend this to all new mums as it’s so important to look after yourself.
— DAISY -2013
Love Love Love my Wednesday morning class. Clare is a great teacher.
— RACHAEL - 2013