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'Gusset Grippers' - A Brilliantly Comical Approach to Teaching Pelvic Floor Exercises

I just had to share this fantastic approach to promoting/educating us on pelvic floor exercises. Women's health Physiotherapist Elaine Miller aka. 'Gusset Grippers' uses stand up comedy to break down taboos and help spread the word on doing your exercises! 

Please click here to watch her fringe festival performance.
A brilliantly factual but very funny performance on why and how to work our pelvic floor muscles to help reduce/ avoid incontinence, thus improving activity.

Gusset Grippers website also has info on how to do pelvic floor exercises.... and the pelvic floor doesn't just keep us from leaking... it also works as a (set of) deep stabilizer muscle to help our core stability.. hence why I always cue them in my Pilates classes! 

Go Gussie, and a big thank-you from 'Susses Physio Pilates' for putting your work out there for us to share : )