Have you ever had a running injury? 

The onset of back, hip, knee, ankle or foot pain can be all too familiar for many runners, especially when increasing their volume of running. 

A half hour run can equate to 6,000 steps. So when increasing that to 3 times a week, maybe for 45 mins each run, you're looking at 27,000 steps a week.
......Suddenly an imbalance or compensation of your running style can take its toll and pain/inflammation results as a ligament joint etc is overloaded.

At this point rest is key. - Don't run through pain. 

But once the pain 'the symptoms'  have settled, the pain may unfortunately return when you re-start your training. Its therefore crucial to ask (and find out) 'What was the cause of the pain?' 

A Physiotherapy assessment of your running style, biomechanics and functional testing of important muscle groups can be key. As can making sure your training program is realistic, and suitable for your level of running and fitness. If you've only been running for a few months, a program that is increasing your mileage on a weekly basis may not be for you! Having rest days from your running is vital. Even if you're not getting any issues with your running - let your body recoup!

Finally good footwear is also important. Getting the right running trainers to suit suit your foot mechanics can really help with aligning your legs and back when you run. Specialist running retailers can help you here. In Worthing I'd recommend RUN, near West Worthing Station, they know their stuff.

As a Physiotherapist I've been working with Runners for 15 years, and would like to thank Mike Antoniades of 'The Running School' for an excellent course this weekend on 'Rehabilitation of Runners'.  Always good to learn new approaches from such knowledgeable Individuals. 

Happy Running, and remember to listen to your body, as much as you listen to your MP3 : ) 


Physiotherapy Assessments are available at our clinic room near Worthing station.

Please contact us for more details or to make an appointment.